STANLEY Warranty Policy

STANLEY offers a 2-years warranty for these products from date of purchase, against functional faults cause by any material or labor fault during its manufacturing. This warranty includes product and/or components repairs or replacement, at no charge for the customer, including labor. The warranty is invalid under the following conditions:
  • If the product was used under conditions other than normal.
  • If the product was not used according to the instructions insert.
  • If the product has been altered or repaired by unauthorized personnel.
Likewise, the warranty does not cover pieces or parts worn by use, including brushes, bearings, bushes, filters, or accessories. These parts will be replaced with cost to the customer. To make good on the warranty, the tool must not have been manipulated by personnel not authorized by STANLEY, and with a warranty policy bearing the seal of the store where the tool was purchased, and/or the invoice.