FACOM Guarantee

FACOM's guarantee is fully part of the brand's commitment to its clients. It ensures total satisfaction with Facom products.

To guarantee the quality of its products, over the last 60 years FACOM has implemented a free replacement or repair warranty of its products without any time limit*.

A specific organisation was implemented by FACOM to manage and follow up returned products, which allows to be as responsive as possible to client requests:

  • Returned products are first managed by the distributor network, entrusted with applying FACOM's warranty and replacing items on stock.
  • Daily processing of returns within FACOM, by an 18-person department dedicated to applying the warranty.


Except tools without apparent fault, worn out but still functional, rusty, burnt, abused, modified, transformed, ground, welded, used for other purposes than the normal use, destroyed by neglect or intentionally.

To ensure seamless and fast information processing, clients are able to monitor progress of the products returned for repair in real-time, through the distributors and an Extranet tool.Extranet.

*according to the warranty typology applied to each product